Between the hundreds of autism parent blogs and parent testimonials on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) websites, the autism community certainly isn’t short on anecdotal evidence that ABA therapy works.

At Action Behavior Centers, we want to provide parents and physicians with a more concrete source of evidence that their child is benefiting from our provided therapy program. To do so, we collect data in an online program called Skills® For Autism.

Skills, a program which has won multiple awards, provides an innovative platform to create comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plans tailored to accommodate the needs of each individual child on the autism spectrum. Board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment plans with detailed progress tracking reports.

The Skills curricula covers eight important areas of human functioning: social, language, play, motor, cognition, executive functions (such as memory, planning, problem-solving), cognition, adaptive skills (daily living activities like dressing and bathroom etiquette), and academic.

The software includes a LogBook feature that enables the BCBAs to collect data efficiently and accurately in real-time during therapy sessions. Skills provides reports, charts, and graphs for progress tracking so that parents and physicians can see an easily-digestible representation of their child’s improvements in each target area.

Action Behavior Centers selectively hires only the best Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) in the Austin area — they’re all nationally certified and college educated. With the expertise of our BCBAs and RBTs, your child will receive the best possible care. Skills provides us with a data-driven way to keep you in the loop as your child advances to his/her highest potential.

Questions about the Skills program or ABA therapy? Our team is happy to take your call at (512) 572-0157.

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