Thank you for visiting the website of our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy center.  Action Behavior Centers is a Texas-based ABA clinic for early learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our mission is to enable children on the spectrum to reach their highest potential and achieve developmental milestones through evidence-based practice.

Our clinical team includes a set of highly-experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts with decades of combined experience offering ABA therapy in a variety of settings.  Our one-on-one model is implemented by full-time, salaried, rigorously-trained behavior therapists that are committed to the mission and high standards of our organization.

Our request is that your office considers referring patients to our center.  We have the following capabilities that may serve the needs of your patients:

  • Diagnostic assessments (MCHAT, ADOS-2) to assist with a formal diagnosis of ASD
  • Criterion-references assessments (VB-MAPP, ABLLS, SKILLS) to identify specific deficiencies and track developmental milestones
  • Full-time applied behavior analysis therapy through DTT (Discrete Trial Training) and NET (Natural Environment Training) to achieve skill acquisition

This link is for a printable version of our referral form:

Click Here: 

Action-Behavior-ABA-Referral-Austin (for all Austin area locations)

Action-Behavior-ABA-Referral-Houston (for Spring / Memorial)

The fax number for ALL Austin locations is (512) 532-6160.

The fax number for ALL Houston locations is (281) 783-2839.