Monthly Message – March 2022

What Does A Typical Day of ABA Therapy Look Like?
One of the most common questions we get asked by both parents and healthcare providers alike is “What does a typical day of ABA therapy look like?” At every Action Behavior Centers location, our therapists implement 1:1 ABA therapy following individualized treatment plans created for each child by their Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). These hyper-specific plans are created after a thorough Initial Intake Assessment where the BCBA will learn each child’s developmental needs, as well as parental concerns and goals. Plans are comprised of many Programs or “lessons” dedicated to the acquisition of certain skills or minimizing maladaptive behaviors.

The typical follow-up question to what a typical day of ABA therapy looks like is commonly “Does ABA therapy mean my child is stuck at a table all day repeating the same tasks?” The simple answer to this is- NO WAY! ABC strives to create an engaging environment for learning. While sitting at a table may be a developmental goal (especially if we’re aiming for school) there are so many other skills on which to focus.

We use two ABA methods of “teaching,” Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET). DTT is set in an individualized space that involves minimizing environmental distractions to learning. NET is set in a large exciting play space where kiddos lead the way and therapists work alongside them on appropriate play, name recognition sharing, motor skills and more.

Not only that, but our centers involve “Eats & Craft” spaces that are used daily. Circle Time is also a daily activity based on age and/or communication levels where therapists, BCBAs, and kiddos alike can be caught singing, laughing, and learning together. Each center also has the autonomy to introduce fun therapist-led activities like group exercise or stimulus rooms. There is a wide variety of techniques and methods used in ABA.

Kelly Tatera, Senior Regional Director of Operations (DFW)

There are many opportunities for creating special memories at ABC. We’ve leaned into some of our leaders to hear which moments have made a meaningful impact on their lives. Kelly Tatera, Senior Regional Director of Operations for our Dallas/Fort Worth region, discusses her favorite memory: watching a kiddo speak his first word at Kramer. She remarks on the incredible feeling of seeing her team’s hard work result in this critical new achievement. These milestone moments are why we’re here, why we’re proud, and why we strive to be the very best at what we do.