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Action Behavior Centers – a Texas-based chain of behavioral health providers – implement clinically vigorous ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our Austin ABA therapy center is where it all started! Located just two blocks east of The Domain in North Austin, Action Behavior’s first ABA therapy center continues to change the lives of children on the Spectrum.

Our early intensive ABA therapy program is designed for young children that face some of the developmental deficits associated with autism, including delays in verbal or nonverbal communication, social skills, and daily living skills.

Long waitlists are a core problem in the autism community, and when it comes to starting therapy for autism, every day matters. Scientific studies show that children who begin ABA therapy as early as possible (18 months to 2 years) show more significant improvements in their development than those who start therapy at later ages.

Action Behavior Centers have no waitlist! We’re equipped to offer the support your child needs when it’s most important.

Action Behavior Centers are in-network with leading private health insurances, and our Harvard-educated management team are committed to operational excellence and great customer service.

We work with many insurance companies, including (but not limited to):

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Ascension
  • ComPsych
  • Beacon/Value Options
  • UMR
  • Medica
  • Optum
  • Sendero Health
  • PHCS

Texas Medicaid will cover ABA therapy starting in 2020 following a recent change in legislation.  We will provide families with more information as it becomes available. Action Behavior Centers looks forward to serving all Texas families!

You may have some of the following questions:

  • I just received a diagnosis of autism for my child.  Is ABA therapy the best treatment?  Will it work?
  • How soon can my child start ABA therapy services?
  • Will you accept my insurance, and how much will I be responsible for?
  • My child isn’t diagnosed with autism, but I think they have might have it.  What should I do?

The ABC team is committed to great service for patients and their families.  Please get in touch with your questions.  We’ll be pleased to help.

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We realize there are many questions that parents will have when their child faces a developmental delay such as autism.  On each page of our website you can find answers to a variety of questions.  Here are some that we are frequently asked:

Are you a center-based or at-home provider of ABA in Austin?

We offer Applied Behavior Analysis, the leading therapy for autism, in our Austin ABA Therapy center.  For a number of reasons, we strongly believe that a center-based treatment approach leads to better results for children:

  • We have in-center sensory equipment that is useful for therapy
  • We can maximize focus without the distractions a child may be used to in the home
  • Children can work with multiple therapists to help “generalize” skills
  • Children can socialize and play with the other children in the center
  • More human interaction helps develop social skills, better preparing children for school
  • Center-based therapy acts as more of a school-like environment than at-home therapy

Learn more about center-based therapy here.

What makes you different from other ABA treatment centers in Austin?

There are many good options for a family looking for ABA services in our community.  However, we sincerely believe our center offers several key things that others don’t, and that these differences really help our clients succeed:

  • We are extremely selective in hiring and training our staff. Our focus is quality.  All of our ABA therapists are full-time, salaried employees – this is a unique feature in the ABA world, in which hourly wages and  are a norm. By hiring the best and keeping our staff happy, our goal is to provide your child with a strong continuity of care.
  • We have a 1:1 therapy staffing model – your child will have the undivided attention of a therapist throughout the entire day. They will play together, learn together, develop communication skills, eat together, and work on anything specific your child may need.
  • We don’t have a wait list.  We work hard at hiring experienced and dependable staff members who will commit to their work and their therapy team. By continuing to add valuable members to our team, we can maintain our immediate availability for kids in need. There’s no time to waste.
  • Your child will want to be here.  For kids, doctor’s offices typically aren’t all that much fun.  Getting poked and prodded isn’t what they like. ABA therapy, on the other hand, provides a fun, stimulating, and challenging environment. Our therapists are friendly and sweet, and kids look forward to coming in and seeing them each day.
Action Behavior Centers is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by 9 reviewers.