Autism Insurance Funding

Health insurance is the primary payor for the ABA services received by our families and their children. We are committed to helping our families navigate through the phone call and paperwork processes.

In fact, we will be responsible for the great majority of the work involved:

  • Calling to verify coverage and benefits, as well as your deductible and out-of-pocket maximums
  • Getting a pre-authorization for benefits after discussing the treatment plan with the insurance company
  • Billing the insurance company directly for services provided

Thanks to the Texas Autism Insurance Act, insurance companies are required to cover all “generally recognized” autism-related services prescribed by the child’s Primary Care Physician. Exceptions may apply for consumer choice plans or small-business plans (50 or fewer employees).

We are able to offer ABA therapy services to patients with a variety of health insurance plans, including:

Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO), Aetna, United, Beacon, Cigna, and others.  Please contact us to learn more about ABA therapy and insurance.

Unfortunately at this time, Medicaid plans do not cover ABA therapy in the state of Texas. Until there is a change in legislation, Action Behavior Centers cannot provide therapy services to clients with Medicaid insurance. Medicaid is accepted at our Colorado locations.

Please contact us to discuss insurance eligibility and how to make ABA therapy affordable for your family.

Texas Autism Mandate Helps You

At a minimum, the Texas Autism Insurance Act requires health benefit plans to provide coverage to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (under the age of 10), for all generally recognized services prescribed in relation to ASD by the child’s primary care physician.

We Can Verify Your Benefits

Please contact Action Behavior Centers today to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team about the insurance eligibility process and how we will be able to get a “pre-authorization” from the insurance company for coverage for your child’s therapy.  This will only take a short time, and we’ll be able to walk you through the benefits provided by your plan.  Please contact us to learn more.