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Providing ABA Therapy for children on the Autism Spectrum

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ABC offers Autism evaluations (ADOS-2) to all families.

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We have immediate availability for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

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We work with insurance providers for the families we bring on board.

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At ABC, we believe Applied Behavior Analysis therapy should feel warm and inviting. While we don’t implement any school curriculum, we strive to re-create many of the activities experienced in a school setting such as circle time, arts and crafts, play time with friends, outdoor play, and many other social and learning opportunities.

From our initial assessment to treatment plan development to one-on-one therapy and parent training, we strive to be the best at what we do. Each of our therapists have been hand-selected and value the opportunity to do important work.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is ABA Therapy?

      Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the leading approach to improving the developmental deficiencies associated with autism.  ABA therapy is likely able to improve the quality of life of your child and help them reach their full potential.  Endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General, ABA therapy focuses on human behavior and is able to increase desirable behavior and minimize unwanted behaviors.

      Does ABA therapy work for Autism?

      ABA therapy is the gold standard for a clinically-validated and heavily researched approach to helping children with autism.

      When is the best time for my child to begin ABA therapy? 

      Simply stated: the earlier, the better.

      Plenty of clinical research has demonstrated that children who start ABA therapy as early as possible (~2 years old) make the most significant improvements in their areas of deficit. In fact, children who received early intensive ABA therapy progressed to the point of being virtually indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers.

      How will ABA therapy help my child?

      ABA therapy will address the developmental deficiencies identified during an initial assessment of your child’s functioning across dozens of areas.  With children on the autism spectrum, this often includes areas of verbal communication, like the ability to converse with parents and peers, request items, and communicate emotions and needs. Nonverbal communication, like making gestures and understanding social cues, can also be developed.

      Other important target areas of ABA include social skills, play skills, potty training, self-care skills (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.), and day-to-day living skills (getting dressed, table manners, etc.).

      Does my child have to have a formal autism diagnosis to get treatment?

      Children are not required to have a diagnosis for treatment but do need a formal diagnosis in order to receive coverage from insurance providers.

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