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Action Behavior Centers is an Austin, Texas provider of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy services for children on the autism spectrum.  Our ABA therapy program is designed for children that face some of the developmental delays associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including delays in verbal or non-verbal communication, such as speech, requesting items, and interaction with others.

If your child is newly-diagnosed with autism, or if you are doing a search for an experienced provider of ABA therapy in Austin TX that has open spots available, our team would be happy to speak with you.  Action Behavior Centers is in-network with leading private health insurances, and our Harvard-educated management team are committed to operational excellence and great customer service.

Do you have questions about:

  • I just received a diagnosis of autism for my child.  Is ABA therapy the best treatment?  Will it work?
  • How soon can my child start ABA therapy services?
  • Will you accept my insurance, and how much will I be responsible for?
  • My child isn’t diagnosed with autism, but I think they have might have it.  What should I do?

Our owners work everyday at our center, and do this work as a labor of love.  If you call, use our chat feature (lower right), or email us, you’ll get immediate attention (even after hours) by Ryan or Holly Lambert.

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Action Behavior Centers in Austin, TX


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Monday to Friday:  8am to 5pm

Action Behavior Center provides autism therapy to families in our city.  We realize there are many questions that parents will have when their child faces a developmental delay such as autism.  One each page of our website you can find answers to a variety of questions.  Here are some that we frequently are asked:

Are you a center-based or at-home provider of ABA in Austin?

We offer applied behavior analysis – the leading therapy for autism in our Austin center.  We strongly believe that a center-based treatment approach leads to better results for children.  We have equipment here that is useful for our therapy, we are able to maximum focus and lack of external distractions, there’s a chance for multiple therapists to work with the same child to help “generalize” skills, and for children of similar ages and abilities to interact and develop social skills.

There’s no other method of therapy for autism that is so thoroughly researched as applied behavior analysis.  Countless studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this type of therapy in helping children with autism learn to speak, develop non-verbal communication, avoid repetitive behaviors, experience transitions from one tasks to another, learn toilet skills, and hundreds of other life skills.

What makes you different from other ABA treatment centers in Austin?

There are many good options for a family looking for ABA services in our community.  However, we sincerely believe we offer several key things that others don’t, and that these differences really help our clients succeed:

  • We are extremely selective in hiring and training our staff.  We aren’t aiming to be the biggest provider of ABA therapy in Austin and aren’t a statewide or national organization that is all about fast growth.  Our focus is quality.  All of our providers are full-time, salaried employees – we are committed to them, and they to our organization and our clients.  There’s something special about the continuity of care (in fact, it’s the subject of several research studies on ABA therapy) that helps clients progress faster.
  • We have a 1:1 therapy staffing model – your child will have a therapist with them all day, working on a variety of lesson to help them throughout the day.  It’s having a private tutor for your child.  They will play together, learn together, develop communication skill, eat together, etc.
  • We are available now.  We don’t have a wait list.  This isn’t because we aren’t great – quite the opposite.  It’s because we are able to hire the best staff because we offer a great, respectful culture and compensation structure for our team members.  We have hundreds of resumes for therapists that want to join us – so you won’t have to wait 6 to 9 months to get a spot for your child.  We can start right away.
  • Your child will want to be here.  For a kid to be at a doctor’s office isn’t all that much fun.  Getting poked and prodded isn’t what they like.  Doing ABA therapy is lots of fun most of the time for kids.  Our behavior therapists are really smart, and really sweet.  Kids like them, and look forward to learning each day.  Our office is spacious and inviting.  Come take a tour!
Action Behavior Centers is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by 9 reviewers.